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Biotechnology boosts the high quality development of Chibi modern agriculture

Release Date:2019-06-10

Biotechnology boosts the high quality development of Chibi modern agriculture

Source: Chibi City People's Government Network

        Chibi News (Reporter Li Ruifeng) On June 5th, Shenzhen Ai Geli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was held in Chibi City. The famous bioengineering industrialization expert, Shenzhen Aigeli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Jianying, South China Agriculture Professor Chen Riyuan from the University Horticultural Institute and Liu Shuoqian, a professor at Hunan Agricultural University, gathered together to discuss the application of biotechnology to popularize technology and promote the high-quality development of modern agriculture in Chibi.

At the meeting, Wang Jianying introduced the development status of the Chibi test project. Professor Liu Shuoqian and Prof. Chen Riyuan made a wonderful presentation on the theme of “Application Status of New Organic Fertilizer Microbial Ingredients in Tea Plants” and “Regulations on Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products in China”. Teaching. Participants also went to the site of the Aigley Biological Bacteria Test Demonstration Base in Xindian Town Wanmu Tea Garden.

Shenzhen Aigeli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. takes the theme of bio-agriculture and bio-environmental protection projects as the mission to repair soil micro-ecology, guide agricultural ecological production, ensure agricultural product safety, and sustainable agricultural development; integrate product development, production, application and technology. The supporting services are integrated to provide customers with complete technical solutions in the fields of agriculture, environmental protection and food safety. Since last year, the company has held several negotiations with Chibi City, intending to invest in biotechnology projects in Chibi City. In March of this year, the company took the first batch of biotechnology experiments with Xindian Town Wanmu Tea Garden as the pilot. It used microbial technology to transform and control the agricultural soil, and replaced the chemical fertilizer with biotechnology products to improve the planting efficiency and product quality of agricultural products. After more than three months of growth, the tea production and quality in the tea garden have been greatly improved.

        At present, the company's biotechnology has been applied in the tea, kiwi and other industries in Chibi City and the effect is good. In the next step, the company will cooperate with Chibi City in the field of agricultural industry to promote the high-quality development of modern agriculture.

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