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Shenzhen Agrecoe bio-technology Co.,LTD.

       Shenzhen Agrecoe bio-technology Co.,LTD. is a modern enterprise with biotechnology as the core of technology, integrating industrialization, agglomeration and internationalization. The company focuses on three major projects: bio-agriculture, bio-environmental protection and bio-food, and strives to build a healthy and green society. The company is committed to the industrialization of biotechnology achievements and strives to be the leader in technological innovation in the bio-industry.
      In agriculture, environmental protection, and the food industry, it is the most noble mission of Aegley to replace green chemicals that are harmful to human health with green and healthy biotechnology and products.

      The Aiglia Microbiology Engineering Institute has the instruments, equipment and pilot production workshops required for microbial research and development to ensure the company's products are technologically advanced and of stable quality. The company relies on a modern enterprise management system, and has gathered a group of professional and technical personnel in management, research and development, production technology and marketing to provide customers with full service of soil micro-ecological restoration and crop system solutions.

                                                                                                          High-tech park incubator

       At present, following the national policy and the development of the industry, AiGeli takes resources as the main line for resource integration; the company takes the lead in science and technology, the quality is strong, leads the green agricultural industry, serves the health of the people's people, and starts from the core source of the big health industry. Start with the restoration of soil ecological environment with AiGeli's high-tech microbial products, improve soil fertility, reduce non-point source pollution of pesticides and fertilizers, cultivate a good ecology of crop growth, balance nutrition, reduce production costs for farmers, and achieve high quality and suitable production. Achieve more benefits, allowing consumers to eat safer agricultural products. Innovative forces contribute to the industrial upgrading of agricultural modernization, rural development, and farmers' prosperity.

      The company's main products:Soil Nourishment SN1, Soil Power SP1, Soil Treatment ST1, Tea Power SP1, Tea Treatment ST1, Environment AGB 900, Farm AGB 300, Livesstock AGB 600 and Aquatic AGB 800 A series of pure natural microbial products.

main function:

1. Microbial metabolism increases soil vigor and provides nutrients to crops;

2. Microorganism inhibits the growth and reproduction of soil-borne bacteria and reduces soil-borne diseases;

3. The microbial flora can increase the absorption and utilization of fertilizer by crops;

4. Microorganisms can degrade the residual pesticides in the soil and the pollution of various garbage;

5. Provide better growth space for crops and increase production;

6. Suppress pests and diseases and enhance the disease resistance of crops.

    This series of products can achieve agricultural product safety, green, no pesticides, no hormones, and can reduce planting costs, high yield and high yield, and the quality of agricultural products is higher than ordinary planting, while reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and eliminating agricultural non-point source pollution. Vigorously provide the competitiveness of China's agricultural products. Although you can't see it, I am closely related to you, giving me a chance to play a role, so that you have unexpected gains.

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