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  • 2019
Agrecoe Group Development

Agrecoe biotechnology Group

1. Shenzhen Agrecoe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
2. Shenzhen Agrecoe Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.
3. Guangxi Agrecoe Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.
4.Chibi Agrecoe Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. 
5. Guangzhou Agrecoe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
6. Agrecoe (Heyuan) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Agrecoe Group's research and development results:

◆2006 Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award 

◆2008 National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award
◆2009 was recognized as “National High-Tech Enterprise” 

◆2010 Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Industry Technology Innovation Award
◆2014 Guangdong Science Progress Award Bio-Environmental Protection Project Award

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken 24 research projects in the country, province, city and district:
During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, it will undertake one sub-project of the national “863” plan and one project of the Ministry of Science and Technology;
During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, it will undertake one sub-project of the national “863” plan; one project of the State Oceanic Administration;
To undertake 1 scientific research project in Guangdong Province; to undertake 9 scientific research projects of Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission, Economic and Information Commission, and Development and Reform Commission;
Undertook 10 scientific research projects in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and obtained 52 invention patents;
The company has a total of 38 honors and 21 member members.

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